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Communication Systems Solutions
monitoring and protection

Infostrada designs and provides system solutions for efficient end-to-end communications. This includes proposing and handling the protection and security of your communication services. Based on your system Infostrada will identify the necessary requirements and from this propose the necessary framework of middleboxes and protocols for protecting your communications system. Moreover Infostrada can provide a complete suite of network monitoring and notification systems for managing and administrating your network. Together with inhouse development expertise we can offer web and mobile based notification ssolutions for informing you on your network infrastructure status anywhere anytime.


Security and Automation Solutions
home and business

Infostrada has strong knowledge in the design of home and business security and automated solutions. Infostrada can design custom fit security solutions for your business or personal space. With usage of cutting edge secure communication systems we can ensure you are aware of the status of your company or safety of your home 24h a day. Our selected notification systems could provide to you latest updates or reports on your office desktop, home computer, mobile phone or any handheld device for you convenience. Automotation solutions designed for your needs can support home security, safety, energy/power savings, light and sound monitoring support, smart sensor based metering, etc.


Professional Services
consulting services in ICT

At infostrada we have more than 15 years experience in Telecommunication, Mobile/Wireless Communications and Networking related projects. We are always available for discussing new business in the area of ICT. Our business customers and clients can gain additional awareness and knowledge in terms of ICT business, investing, funding opportunities, useful collaborations etc. Moreover Infostrada advises businesses on how to best use information technology to meet their business objectives.We advise you on fixed and mobile communications, internet security, data monitoring systems, web technologies as well as the latest emerging ICT technologies.



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